A Brief History

In June 2015 a group of Christian men met for a special prayer meeting to seek the Lord’s will about starting a new ministry. This ministry would be dedicated to helping individuals and families struggling in life due to addiction. Each of the men who gathered that evening had previous experience in this kind of ministry. Two of the men had direct experience having been employed by a similar ministry. Another had served as a paid consultant for addiction ministries. The others had served as volunteers in addiction ministries or had been directly involved with youth who had addictions. They each saw the need for a ministry that would focus on the life-transforming power of the Gospel of God’s Grace. Their collective experience had taught them that addiction and recovery ministries are often easily distracted by lesser matters and never fully address the spiritual root of the problem.

As the men prayed that night they sought the Lord’s will with one desire: that this would be His ministry and they would not try to control it themselves. These men only wanted this ministry to come into existence if it was God’s will, and they wanted everything about it to be from Him. The Holy Spirit attended this time of prayer in a very special way and there was a great spirit of unity and joy among all present.

Approximately a month later a second prayer meeting was held as these men continued to seek the Lord’s will. In August a third prayer meeting was convened. In each of these meetings, the presence of the Lord was very evident as God moved on the hearts of these men to take the initial steps to start the new ministry.

As the days went by, the Lord continued to give vision for the kind of ministry He wanted. Meetings with pastors and lay leaders of various churches proved fruitful in determining the Lord’s will and the direction He wanted for the ministry. It became very clear to all involved that the Lord was giving this direction.

On Tuesday night, September 8, 2015 some of the men who had been involved in the prayer meetings met and formed a Board of Directors for the new ministry and voted unanimously to establish Grace Ministries as a non-profit corporation.

The men listed below served on the original Board of Directors:

Dr. Ab Abercrombie - Founder and President of the Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI), Destin, Florida

Richard Burton - Real Estate Agent with Bellator Real Estate and Development, Mobile, Alabama

Ronnie Cottrell - Head Football Coach at Mobile Christian School, Mobile, Alabama (Former Assistant Football Coach at the University of Alabama)

Bob Ham - Marketing Director for Cottrell Pharmacy Group, Brewton, Alabama (former Vice President of Development for Waterfront Rescue Mission)

David Jones - Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Grand Bay, Alabama

Ed Lacy - Evangelist, President of Ed Lacy Ministries, Mobile, Alabama

Paul Meredith - Pastor of Boe Road Baptist Church, Grand Bay, Alabama (former Director of Ministry for Waterfront Rescue Mission)


Grace Ministries
P.O. Box 190592
Mobile, AL 36619