Catch Them Before They Fall

The evidence is overwhelming. Once someone becomes entangled in an addiction, they are headed for disaster. Without intervention, they almost certainly will fall ALL THE WAY, and they WILL lose everything – their family, their friends, their health, their job, their possessions, their freedom, and maybe even their life!

Often those trapped in addictions fall so far they have no other choice but to check into a residential facility for long-term treatment. This means they have to leave their family for an extended period of time and quit their job, or take an extended leave of absence (if their employer will allow it). This always results in serious family and financial hardships. It’s not just the addicted who suffer in that situation. Everyone in their life around them suffers, as well. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The faith-based Grace Care Program offered by Grace Ministries is designed to provide early intervention and help “catch them before they fall”. The caring instructors and counselors at Grace Care Centers know how to apply timeless truths in a way that can help those ensnared by an addiction find lasting freedom. This includes addictions of all kinds: drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, pornography, food, etc.

Don’t wait until your addiction, or that of a loved-one, reaches the point of disaster. Don’t wait until a long-term program in a residential treatment facility is the only option. Call today for information about Grace Ministries and find help in your time of need.

It may be that God has gotten your attention just in time. Don’t ignore what He may be showing you right now. Think about the devastating consequences that lie just ahead for you and your family if you don’t reach out for help. Please don’t hesitate. Call now.

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