Legal & Court Referrals

legal and court referrals for addiction issuesGrace Ministries works with probation and court referral officers, attorneys, and other court officials to accommodate those who have been, or will be, court ordered to attend and complete a recovery program. The Grace Care Program is unique in that it allows an individual to complete a non-residential, but highly structured program designed to teach proven principles of relapse prevention. The classes and counseling sessions are scheduled at times that allow men and women to continue working and living at home while receiving the help they need.

Grace Ministries ensures accountability by providing court officers with documentation when the program is completed and will send notification immediately if a referral drops out of the program. The ministry also provides drug testing and reporting when requested, and as often as requested (up to one test and report per week).

Although the program is faith-based, the practical aspects of relapse prevention are thoroughly covered in the classroom sessions. All the principles of the twelve steps are taught, but not in the formulaic approach that has become so common in recent years. Most people with addiction problems have become so familiar with the standard presentation of the twelve steps, the impact is minimal at best. Instead, the Grace Care Program covers all the twelve step principles, but in a fresh way designed to capture the attention of those enrolled, make an impact on their lives, and give them true help in their time of need.

If you are a probation or court referral officer, an attorney, or anyone associated with the legal system who needs to find help for someone who has been, or will be, court-ordered to enter a program, please call Grace Ministries at the number below. You will find our staff trained and ready to work with you throughout the process and provide the necessary documentation you need for your records and files.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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